Monday, April 27, 2015

LSD: Dream Emulator

Hello guys AwesomeAndyXPmL here and today I am reviewing the most what-the-hockey-stick game ever. Keep yourself same because today I am reviewing LSD: Dream Emulator.

LSD: Dream Emulator is an insane game where there are a fair few locations

Happy Town

The Natural World

Violence District

Bright Moon Cottage

Long Hallway


Temple Dojo

Monument Park

Pit And Temple

Flesh Tunnels

Sun Faces Heave

Clockwork Machines

Black Space

These worlds/dreams can be modified by 4 textures: Upper, Downer, Kanji, and S*xual. Sometimes when you start a dream an FMV will play, these short clips usually contain strange and meaningless things. Also sometimes Japanese text will appear saying either "not having a dream that night" or "the dream was to horrifying to recount", if an FMV plays the dream will automatically end as well as text after about 5 minutes will end the dream.

Well that's all for LSD Dream Emulator, hope you enjoyed!

P. S. Sorry I haven't been posting blogs for a while, I've had lots of tests and schoolwork but now I will be making posts more regularly.

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